In early days Haukijarvi (Haukijärvi in Finnish) was just a single farm. Later there were two farms. When Haukijarvi elementary school started in 1898, Haukijarvi little by little began to mean the area from where children came to the school. The same happened with the post office, which started in 1901. Nowadays Haukijarvi consists of many areas which used to belong to farms in Heinijarvi, Herttuala, Parila, Kalkunmaki and Kyrospohja villages.

The most important farm - from 1850s an estate - was Pakkanen. In the beginning of the 20th century there were six or seven other farms in the village. Most people lived as tenants or farm hands.

In the begining of the 20th century many things changed in the old agricultural society with farms and crofts. A lot of young people moved to cities like Tampere to work in factories. Some emigrated to USA and Canada. The socialist ideas came to the village. After the sad incidents in the Finnish civil war the tenants got their indepedency and the right to buy their land. Many farms started in Haukijarvi in 1920s. After the second world war the Carelians had to leave their homes. About 30 families came to Haukijarvi.

Haukijarvi was a lively place in 1940s and 1950s. There were a school, a post office, associations, sport clubs, dances, movies, horse races, a shop, a cafeteria and buses coming and going. A couple of associations are still active, and luckily most of the houses are inhabited.

The houses are presented on this web site by following roads. What is now called Haukijarventie (Haukijärventie) - a small road - was once the main road from Pohjanmaa to Turku. You can easily find Haukijarventie (Haukijärventie), Luukonmaentie (Luukonmäentie), Marrintie (Märrintie), Lamminkulmantie, Viidanojantie, Haijaantie (Häijääntie), Hahmajarventie (Hahmajärventie) and Uus-Pukarantie on a map. Take a look at the maps on the site. Those make  it easier to find roads and  houses on other maps. Along Haukijarventie you can even go with Google street wiew.

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